Combining SEO With Social Media Marketing





Often, what seems so new and cutting-edge, stems from fundamentals learned long, long ago. This is the case with the trend toward combining networking marketing.

Social media marketing is much more than a trend. If you’re not utilizing social networking platforms, and if your competitors consistently and constantly create valuable content on Facebook, Twitter, and the new Google Buzz, they will out-rank you from the search engines.


sful online, it’s critical to combine SEO practices with social networking advertising. Not doing so is like eating peanut butter! To explain myself a little better, I would like to tell you the story of our ancestors, both the hunters and the gatherers.

Thousands of years ago we were all hunters and gatherers. The hunters were sly and fearless. They divided and defeated. The gatherers’ stayed together as a close-knit group and, well, assembled. The hunters all dwelt, and the gatherers all lived together. But the hunters didn’t reside with the gatherers. Each thought the other was odd and poor.

That is until, as many legends attest, a gorgeous, young gatherer seduced a handsome, youthful hunter – enticing him back to her group. Soon he realized that the gatherer way of life was not half bad and within a month had gained 30 lbs and could not run from his T-P to the kitchen hall. He got hungry for meat. He got back into shape and taught his brothers-in-law to search. They loved the experience and celebrated their successful search with a feast of steak and potatoes.

OK, so what does this short history lesson on hunters and gatherers must do with the idea of combining social networking marketing with search engine optimization? You see, hunting was a good idea all by itself. A great deal of meat, without the requirement of a fitness program because of all of the running. The gathering was a good idea all alone. They were stress-free men and women who were very organized in regards to their plants and fruit trees.

So independent, they had their benefits, but putting hunters and gatherers together was a great idea! Now they had a well-rounded diet including meat. Putting SEO and SMO activities together is another terrific idea!
Garrett Pierson, author of “What Success Takes,” has united SEO with social media in a revolutionary new program. It contains 20 modules that take us step-by-step through the necessary processes to become visible online whil

e building loyal relationships. SEO has come a long way from simple link-building!

Social Media Marketing and its powerful reach

Few businesses are using social media marketing to its entire extent. Many think they’ve done their job by creating a Facebook Fan Page and posting news on it every day, amassing a small following, posting a video, putting “Like” links on their site, etc.. That is nice, but you’re not promoting and media your company.

Facebook is coming 1 BILLION users. What happens when you promote to 1,000 individuals who “Like” your lover page… Answer – each user has about 100 friends – your advertising reaches 100,000 people, of which many will help community your brand, buy your product or service, and virally spread the word or pass on an important resource for information. It is important when marketing in Social Media also to utilize SEO

marketing and work the social networking account. The returns are remarkable.

Have you got a custom Blog that’s syndicated and fed to publications, social networking, web resources, and a subscriber base? Is your product or service updated regularly on the social networks with promotions, interactive pages that feed traffic and revenue to your website and company? That is only the tip of the iceberg since the purpose of Social Networking in the business world is “Networking” and “Marketing” your company to current and prospective customers and applicants. You have to optimize your social network accounts, create interactivity, incentives, and market that in various ways. To be truly effective, you have to cross network and advertise your Social Media accounts with your internet presence.

Social Media Marketing can be supported by internal marketing techniques, the engine that drives the Social Networking vehicle ahead. Digital communications via interactive and video calls to action, electronic newsletters, emails and live feeds with interactivity to communicate with your company on a regular basis are just some of the inherent support mechanisms used to advertise your brand and offerings and keep your marketplace interested and in touch.

A good marketing company will work and build your marketing plan every day and create new income for their customers and keep updating the operation and employing the wide spectrum of applications that become available within each venue. For instance, The FBML application will soon be phased out in favor of new applications supported by Facebook such as IFrames. In each instance, the results will be a steady increase in quality customers, renewed interest from current and previous customers and build your brand and foundation.

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